Thursday, December 9, 2010

Junkyard Dogs - Craig Johnson

So, I am beginning to realize how much I have read since my last posts. Along with the other two books, I have started to finally read the 6th book in a series that I absolutely love. It is a modern western series set in Absaroka County Wyoming. I really find it interesting because I worked for a summer in that area and can relate to some parts of the stories. There is usually always some sort of murder or crime in each book that is resolved by the Sheriff and his entourage - including a deputy sheriff, dog, daughter and other small town characters.

After the Wreck - Joyce Carol Oates

I read this book while in my observations of Mrs. Gerber's class. It is a realistic fiction that the class was reading and I could not put it down. It is about a girl who gets in a wreck with her mom and her mom dies. Then the girl has to go to rehab and live with her aunt's family in another town. It is an amzing work of Young Adult Literature and I highly recommend it. I think that the students liked it also due to the interesting poetry like text.

The Secret History - Finished

This was a really good book! I read it for my English Department Book Club and had a really good time discussing it at our meeting. I think that it does play to a certain audience because you have to appreciate literature enough to make sense of many of the quotes that are used. However, I think more people would enjoy it than it seems, because it is very unpredictable and fairly twisted. There is murder, intrigue, incest, and all kinds of crazy things in it! I highly recommend that evryone at least start reading it, by then you will be hooked. It is a little over 500 pages, but well worth the time spent!