Thursday, December 29, 2011

iPad Obsession Mini Post

Hello my little bookworm friends!
This is just a brief post to assure you all that, yes, I am alive and well, but not getting much reading accomplished. Currently, I am in San Antonio enjoying a wonderful vacation. Next week, I plan to get back to reading and my other numerous projects. The next books on the list are the two remaining books in The Hunger Games Trilogy. Can't wait! TTFN

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

YES! I finally read The Hunger Games. It was amazing and I am oh-so-ready to read the other two books in this trilogy. This first novel is such a profound story, even though it is Young Adult fiction. I feel that most adults would enjoy this book and I know that many teens enjoy it, as well. I told my eigth grade class that I was reading it and received rather piercing screams from the girlies, of "Oh my God, that is, like, the best book ever!!!!" LOL. They absoultely had to know what part I was at and assured me that the next two books are just as good.
This novel is about Katniss, a girl in the very distant future, who grows up in poverty. She does all that she can to support her mother and sister, until she is chosen for The Hunger Games. These games are a fight-to-the-death reality show, similar to the era of gladiators. The audience is filled with bloodlust as they watch these teenagers fight to the death. The games are supposed to keep the various districts (countries) in check and prevent them from rebeling against The Capitol (government). In the midst of all the violence, is a romance, that is near to impossible.
Overall, it is a book that keeps its reader gripped in adventure and excitement. I found myself trying to create images from the book and realizing how close many of the aspects are similar to life, today. These Hunger Games are so similar to today's reality shows, such as Survivor, that it is uncanny. I would suggest this book to any and all readers, over the age of 12. There is some extreme violence involved, but it is not overly gory. A bonus to reading this novel is that the movie version is expeccted to come to theatres in March. I am wondering if these novels and the movies, will see as much success as Harry Potter or Twilight. I think I will give this novel a 5, it was that goood!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dusty Britches by Marcia Lynn McClure

Yet another Kindle freebie; however, this was a pretty good one! Dusty Britches is a historical romance based in the lated 1800's. It follows three couples who are on a ranch in Texas. The characters are realistic, for the most part, but the author can get carried away with the plot at times and the characters suffer for it. It is a lengthier Kindle book, but a quick read. It probably took around 5 hours to read it. I would suggest this novel for women who like romance and westerns, combined. The nice thing about this book is that the romance is kept tasteful and doesn't overwhelm the rest of the plot. I would have liked to see a bit more adventure and 'shoot-em-out' fights, but it still had a nice western flare. One thing that completely drove me CRAZY, was that the author kept referring to men's blue jeans - well, in the 1800's men did not wear blue jeans, they usually wore cotton or wool pants of a brown or grey color. Details, details, I am such a stickler for historic accuracy. Regardless, I managed to still enjoy the novel, so I will give it a 3.5. Definitely an enjoyable read!