Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart

Kindle Freebie! I downloaded this book on my Kindle for free, through Amazon.com. It is about what one would expect from a free e-book. It is cute, but I must admit that I couldn't finish it. I made it half way through before I finally threw in the towel. It was rather dull and had a predictable plot line. It is a good book to read, if you are looking for something calming and mushy, but that's about it. Not a fabulous read, but I will give it a 2 for effort and the fact that it's free......

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Genealogy Returns

As my uncle so aptly put it, "It is time for the changing of the G's", as in gardening to genealogy. It seems as though the early onset of darkness every evening encourages us to delve into the past. Or, it could be that I finally have more time, after finishing the KPTP and teaching exams. Nonetheless, my book reviews may decrease for a while, as I return to ancestry work. However, I will let you knwo if I find anything iteresting, er, more interesting... Don't forget, I am related to a Swedish count and Pocahontas....What could possibly top that? Maybe my mysterious Russian ancestors are somehow connected to an ancient Czar or Anastasia...One can hope, can't she?
My Swedish great-grandfather,
whose father is said Count.
However, his mother was not
a Countess, so..... parentage
is proving difficult to verify.
approx 1913

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Most Unsuitable Wife by Caroline Clemmons

This was a Kindle Special and I think I paid 99 cents for it. I was expecting it to be very cliche or boring. However, I was pleasantly surprised as it was a well-thought out novel and had a great ending. I would definitely suggest this as a Kindle download and I believe it is still very cheap. It is about a Texan who must marry or he will lose his ranch according to the will left by his parents. On a cross-country trip, he finds and falls in love with a woman. She is being chased by a mysterious man who wished her dead. A cute novel, mainly for women, that I would recommend.
I give this book a 3.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Chili Queen by Sandra Dallas

My reading has slowed in the last week as a result of finishing my KPTP project for student teaching. However, I managed to finish one book, at least. The Chili Queen is yet another marvelous novel by Sandra Dallas. It is about a brothel madame, an outlaw, and a mail order bride in the late 1800's. It is full of hilarity, drama, and suspense. I really enjoyed it, even though I felt the ending was a little weak. There is a twist at the end, which I love, but I feel that the conclusion is just not what it should be. I think Dallas could have changed it to suit the rest of the book a little better. Not my favorite by Sandra Dallas, but it is definitely worth the read. I will give this novel a 3.5.