Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Too many books to list....

...But, I'll try. I have been hooked on my Kindle books, as of late, and have found a FB group that lists new freebies, daily. So, many of the books are not top-sellers, but I still love them! :)

Lady in the Mist (The Midwives) by Laurie Alice Eakes
I think this is the most recent book that I have read. It was a quick read and held my interest. It is about a young woman in colonial America, who is a midwife, and is dealing with the realization that she will never marry and have her own children. Of course, a love interest enters the scene, but there are many obstacles standing in the way. You will have to read it to see what happens. I give it a 3.5.

Gypsy Bond by Lindy Corbin
Yes, I admit, even though I have a degree in English, I still indulge in a pointless romance novel from time to time. That is exactly what this book is. Quick read. I give it a 2.5.

Joyful Momma's Guide to Shopping and Cooking Frugally by Kimberly Eddy
This was an interesting non-fiction book. I love to coupon and bargain shop, so I was able to find a lot of good tips! 3.5.

Every Last Kiss (The Bloodstone Saga) by Courtney Cole
I read about 1/3 of this book and became bored. It is an epic fantasy type set in Ancient Egypt. 2.

The Boyfriend Bylaws (Totally Fit) by Susan Hatler
Okay, this book was really cutesy, but thankfully, short. Not a fan. I give it a 1.5, only because their was some comedic relief.

The Frozen trail by Lisa Dayley
This was a novella about the Mormon handcart company that traveled to Utah. It is told from the perspective of a teenage girl, who loses her mother along the way and must care for her siblings and aging father. I liked it! 3.5.

Bluegrass State of Mind by Kathleen Brooks
This was another very short book. Yes, its a romance, but not too trashy. :) It is about a young woman who loses her sister and must care for them or make sure her their current guardian (her brother-in-law's brother, lol) is taking care of them. Yep, they fall in love. 2.5.

South Beach Cinderella by Sharon Potts
This is probably my favorite book on this list and its worth a read. It is about a wife who has to deal with her husband's mid life crisis and his affairs. Good book! 4.

Ok! That's all for now. I will try to keep this updated a little better! :)