Thursday, June 9, 2011

"The Glass Castle" and "Half-Broke Horses" By Jeannette Walls

These were both amazing books! I give them both 5 out of 5 and think that they would appeal to most people. The first novel is a memoir of the author's life, but is told as a work of fiction to prevent it from being so dull. The second book is the author writing a memoir of her grandmother's life. they are both wonderful and I sped through them very quickly. They are the first two novels that this author has ever written and are very well done!!

The Harvester - By Gene Stratton Porter

So, I FINALLY finished this book. I must admit it was a little lengthy and the descriptions were amzing, but I really had to slow down to understand them. I was supposed to read this book because it is rumored that it was based on an ancestor of mine. For some reason, i am a little skeptical. First of all, the supposed Native American woman that was a rescreation of my ancestor was nonexistant. No Native American even in the book! Secondly, it was basically just a love story with a lot of flora and fauna description thrown in. There was the main character - the Harvester and his love interest, whom he dis not find until a third of the way through the novel. There was an old lady who was his neighbor and is the only character who may be related in some way to my ancestor. There were various other characters, but no one of importance. It was a decent book and classicly old fashioned. Worth a read if you are interested in such.....