Thursday, October 28, 2010

Paper Towns by John Green

What an awesome author for young adults!! I was recommended this book by a teacher I am observing in ACHS, who teaches seniors. It is a young adult novel, but I would not give it to anyone below a junior, because of sexual content and discussion of suicide. However, if the student were mature enough to handle it, I think they would really get a lot out of the book. I have been running out of time to read lately, so I am only a hundred or so pages into it, but it is hard to put down. I keep it by my bed so I can work on it each night and each time I read a good 15 minutes past the time I want to go to sleep.
So far, this boy, Quentin has live beside this girl, Margo, his entire life. When they were really young the found a guy who had been shot while they were riding their bikes. It flashes forward to senior year of high school and they are no longer best friends. But one night, Margo comes to his window and takes him on an adventure all over town. The next day at school she is missing, She has left clues for Q to find her, but they are very difficult. So far, everyone either thinks she committed suicide or will be back soo. Q thinks it is suicide.
I cannot wait to read more, as I am very interested into what has happened to her!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Various Magazine Articles

So, I have been on a kick of reading magazines a lot. There seems to be a lot going on in the world that is extremely confusing, so I have been trying to keep up on my current events. I get Time magazine and even though there is usually only one good article per issue, the magazine was cheap to buy, so I got it. I read a recent article about how important bullying prevention is and how bullying is different today, than it was for previous generations. The article talked about how bullying before technology was different, because you had to catch your victim in order to torment them. Today, you simply just have to send a nasty facebook message, Tweet, or youtube video. The article was extremely prevalent due to the recent teen suicides, this past month. Another Time article I read was about the Baptist minister Phelps and whether his protests are supported by the first amendment. Personally, I believe he is allowed free speech, but at the same time is assaulting verbally the mourners at various funerals. His protests are very slanderous also, and he should be held accounatble for them. I am also reading on a book called Wanted, which is fairly mindless, but easy to read. It is a story about an Amish girl, who was wild during her rumspringa, and is now worried that her past will catch up with her. I am only on page 80 in that book so far. I would guess that I have read an hour and a half to two hours, between the articles and the book.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hearts Afire/Restless Hearts by Marta Perry

Ok, so I know this sounds like a really corny romance book, but it is not all that bad. I aometimes like to read books that I can let my mind wander when I read. It is based in Dutch Pennsylvania and introduces the life of the Amish. Anyhow, it is two stories within one book and, yes, they are both love stories, but they are not too sappy. Overall, a good book, even if lacking a few elements of suspense and mystery. :) The two books combine were 430 pages. It probably took me around 5 hours total to read the two. I would write more but I am off to work and wanted to make sure to have this on here before you check tonight. I can add more later tonight when I get off work.